Agrovalenz is an agro fruticulture trading company. At first the company started its operations in Hijuelas, province of Quillota, 5th Region – Chile, with the main focus of selling agro products. In 2005, we expanded our horizons opening to new markets, leading to a quick growing process.
We’ve grown to an enterprise level – we are HACCP standards certified, BPM certified, we are also approved by SAG – CHILE, as well as USDA and FDA for entering our products to USA.
Our primary goal is excellence; our daily dedication is to meet the standards and requirements required by the market in order to deliver premium products to the consumer.

Good practices

What is Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP?
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a set of operating instructions or operating procedures that deal with the prevention and control of the occurrence of pollution hazards.
It deals with the development and implementation of hygiene and handling protocols, including the staff involved in the process, the facilities, the equipment used and the selection of suppliers.
Implementing BPM is a basic tool to obtain safe products for human consumption.
Regulation on Surveillance and Sanitary Control of Food and Beverage, approved by Supreme Decree No. 007-98-S.A establishes the mandatory use of BPM for all food processors-industrializing establishments.

What are the benefits of implementing BPM?

  1. Provides evidence of a safe and efficient handling of food.
  2. Promote quality work among employees and their skill level.
  3. Reducing customer complaints, returns, rework and rejections.
  4. Lower costs and save resources.
  5. Increased competitiveness and productivity of the company.
  6. Positioning of the company.
  7. Customer loyalty.
  8. Indispensable to trade in the TLC (Free Trade Treaty).


Our vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally as a high-grade and efficient company in terms of production and promotion of our products. Under different certifications, we intend to target international markets meeting the different phytosanitary demands of the Agro-industry through leadership, trust, commitment, transparency and innovation.


Our mission is to trade the highest quality agro fruticulture products to meet the needs of customers, complying with every single aspect, such as quality standards, safety and legality, as well as providing services to third parties providing personalized attention in order to meet all our customers’ requirements.


Calle Manuel Rodríguez #2885, Comuna de Hijuelas, Chile

Provincia de Quillota, Quinta Región

Teléfono: +563 32272686

Email: info@agrovalenz.cl

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