Expovalenz Review

  • Because of the need to expand to new markets abroad, ExpoValenz was born. We are 100% dedicated to the trade and export of our products to international markets. This is why in late 2009 we carried out our first shipment to Argentina, expanding our company to new markets and opportunities.
  • In 2013, we took another important step forward with the completion of the first shipment to Miami, USA, in compliance with all legal and phytosanitary requirements by the country.
    Our main exports have been directed to the markets of Argentina and the United States so far. In an effort to expand, Expovalenz is opening new opportunities with other countries, both in Latin America, as in Europe and Asia, to cover part of the needs in those sectors.


Calle Manuel Rodríguez #2885, Comuna de Hijuelas, Chile

Provincia de Quillota, Quinta Región

Teléfono: +563 32272686

Email: info@agrovalenz.cl

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