Hass avocado has an oil content of between 18 and 22%. In addition, the proportion of water is low, only 60-70%. Its content of vitamin B complex and vitamin E is considerable.

Both the fruit and the seed are relatively small, with a combined weight between 200-300 g. The skin is somewhat leathery, rough, slightly green to blackish when in the tree; once harvested it becomes purple to black as the fruit becomes soft when ripe, so that consumers recognize the optimal time to consume.

The fruit is of excellent quality, fiber, high resistance to transport and post-harvest longevity.

Overall, avocado blooms only once a year, from early to mid-spring and, depending on the variety and the heat accumulation of the place, can take between 6-11 months to mature. In cooler climates, the Hass variety can stay on the tree for several months once it matures without much apparent deterioration. This greatly extends the harvest period.

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