The cherimoya tree is a slow growing tree, which you can purchase at maturity a height of 7-8 m, and lush foliage. The stem is cylindrical with a thick crust. It has a very superficial and branched root system, resulting in two or three floors at different heights, but shallow. The leaves are simple, entire, alternate arrangement and shape ovate or ovate-lanceolate. Buds are composed and can originate mixed buds (vegetative and floral). The calyx has 3 sepals dark green, small and triangular in shape. The corolla is formed by six petals arranged in two whorls; three well-developed outer petals are fleshy, and the top is shaped or triangular keeled. The male part of the flower consists of numerous stamens (150-200), helically arranged close together on a receptacle, forming a compact mass oppressed by white petals. The female part also has high carpels number (100 to 200), with a single egg, spirally arranged, forming a compact cone whose ends are styles and stigmas.

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